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Professional Development for Interpreters is fundamental to the industry.

Mental Health Interpreting during COVID and beyond

Saturday 03 October 2020 
Time: 1030-1130 (AEST)
Location: Webinar

Duration: 1 hour

PD points: Participants will earn 10 PD points (Category 1.4) upon completion of this course. Certificates of Completion will be issued to participants who attended.

Cost: $30

Payment must be made in order to attend the webinar. The certificate of completion will only be sent out for attendees. Refunds will only be made when participants are unable to attend due to illness or other unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance upon provision of relevant evidence.


Outline: Meet Mr Paul NG (Consultant Psychiatrist MBBS MPsych FRANZCP) to talk about the diverse effects of culture and society on mental health and what we should be mindful of when interpreting (including face-to-face and also TeleHealth) 

Facilitator: Ms Ursula KAY 

Enquiries: Please email us on or fill out the contact form on homepage.

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